May 1 Humor

* On his first trip to the top of the Empire State building a small boy stood quietly by his father as the elevator kept going: up and up and up. Finally he looked at his father and asked, “Dad, does God know we’re coming”?

# Maybe rain or sleet or snow will not delay the mail but there are some other factors like lack of faith in the system. I listened as the man ahead of me was getting forms for temporarily stopping the mail delivery and a change of address. “When you have them filled out”, suggested the postal clerk, “bring them back to the post office personally so they don’t get lost in the mail”.

% On his first set of naval maneuvers a new captain was out to impress everyone. He stood on the bridge and ordered the ship full speed ahead zigzagging in and out of the other ships in the formation. A sailor came to the bridge announcing to the operating crew there was message from the admiral. The pompous captain said, “Read it aloud, sailor”. The sailor read, “You idiot, what are you doing, you almost rammed the flagship.” The captain gulped and said, “Thank you, take the message below and have decoded.”