May 18 Humor

* A man from Brooklyn took his wife to the airport at Newark for a flight to Buffalo. He fought his way, out of the airport, through the city traffic and wearily ascended the steps to his apartment. When he looked at the computer there was an email for him. It was from his wife saying, “Arrived Safely. Love, Lulu”.

# Wending his way through the office cubicles my son Mike spotted one of his employees playing a video game on the computer. “Why aren’t you working”? Mike asked him. The employee had an excellent excuse: “I didn’t see you coming”.

# I work in a busy office where a computer going down causes quite an inconvenience. Recently one of our computers not only crashed, it made a noise that sounded like a heart monitor. “This computer has flatlined”, a coworker called out with mock horror. “Does anyone here know how to do mouse to mouse”?