May 2 Humor

 * As we walked around the amusement park we stopped to watch the caricature artist work. A fiftyish woman commented when the young man charged $15 for a portrait, “Fifteen dollars just to have someone draw my wrinkles.”  The young man turned and studied her face for a moment, then replied, “I don’t see any wrinkles.”  She immediately sat down and had her $15 portrait drawn.

* The great impressionist artist, Pablo Picasso once discovered a burglar in his apartment and scared the man off. The police came and he gave them a sketch of the intruder. On the basis of his drawing the police arrested a mother superior, the minister of finance, a washing machine and the Eiffel tower.

# Prejudice even happens under the sea: A crab and a lobster were secretly dating. Pretty soon the lobster tires of lying and tells her father who forbids her to see the crab.”It will never work,” he says to her. “Crabs walk sideways and we walk straight ahead.” “Please,” she begged, ” just meet him once, I know you will like him.” Her father finally agrees and she runs off to share the good news. The crab is so excited that he decides to surprise his betrothed family. He practices and practices until he can walk straight ahead. On the big day he walks the entire way to the lobster’s house as straight as he can. Standing on the porch, the lobster dad yells to his daughter, “I knew it. Here comes the crab and he’s drunk.”