May 21 Humor

* Two palookas had both taken money to throw a fight. They sparred for a couple of rounds and then by accident one guy actually hit the other with a punch. The fighter immediately swooned and fell to the mat, thereby winning his bribe. The other fighter paced around the ring knowing he was in trouble now. As the referee counted, the potential winner had a brain storm. He ran over to his prostrate opponent and kicked him. That disqualified him and the other fighter was declared the winner.

* The fighter was in his corner on the stool as the trainer worked over the cuts around his eyes and washed his bloody face. The trainer said, “I think he has you whipped, Johnny.” The boxer said, “Yeah, I know. I should have gotten him right away in the first round, when he was by himself.”

# There was a senior woman who lost a very precious necklace and collected $1200 for the loss from her homeowners insurance. A couple weeks later she found the necklace and reported it to the insurance company. In her letter she explained that she felt guilty keeping the money and the necklace, so she donated the $1200 to the Red Cross.