May 24 Humor

* On a cold, snowy night in Boston, my friend Thea was to pick up her new car. I called to see how she made out. “Did you get the car”? I asked.

“Yes”, she replied excitedly. “It’s right out in front of our apartment building, and we were just on our way down to sit in it. We’re not going to drive it, though.”

“Yeah”, I replied, “I guess the weather is pretty lousy””

“It’s not that”, Thea said. “We just don’t want to lose our parking space!”

* The auto mechanic shook his head and looked dourly as head wiped his hands on a shop rag and gave his verdict to the customer. “This is a very, very bad situation, I suggest we deep freeze the car and save it until some mechanics of the future discover some way to repair it.”

* My son was an avid off road four wheel driving enthusiast. He bought an old Chevy Blazer and put it in our garage to fix up. He bought big balloon tires for off roading and installed them and he got special shocks and a suspension kit to give the truck lots of clearance. When he was all done with alterations he discovered the truck was now too tall to back out of the garage.