May 6 Humor

* Even thieves feel entitled to a square deal. An employee at an elementary school made off with more than school supplies she stole a refrigerator. She discovered the refrigerator wasn’t working when she got it home, so she recalled the school systems maintenance department. She must have thought the school system should be responsible for making sure the equipment ran properly at least before someone steals it.

* I was stationed in Panama and we had regular infantry patrols and drills in the hot equatorial jungle. We often complained that we could not have a refrigerator in our barracks like the non com’s and the officers. I got orders to transfer to Camp Wainwright in Alaska and the guys kidded me that when I got up there I could find out what happened to our refrigerators in Panama. Sure enough when I got settled into the camp every enlisted barracks had a refrigerator.

# I had an annoying itchy problem. I called the doctor to renew an athlete’s foot prescription. I misdailed and not knowing who I was talking to, I blurted out my need for relief from the athlete’s foot and asked him to call the druggist as soon as possible. When I paused to take a breath, he informed me he was a psychologist, not the dermatologist. Before hanging up though he added, “If the athlete’s foot does drive you crazy, please call me back.”