Never trust an inflated unicorn

A 5 year old girl sitting on an inflatable unicorn was swept out to sea by strong currents off the town of Antirio, Greece. She was playing with her family in the sea and when they turned around, she had drifted about a half-mile out. When the parents realized that their little daughter was out of sight, they informed the port authorities that on their part alerted the captain of the local ferry “Salaminomachos.” The skipper soon caught sight of the bobbing girl and steered his vessel to pluck her and the unicorn out of the water. Crew members rescued both the girl and the inflatable unicorn. The crew made funny faces and joked with the girl to calm her and allay her fears before she was reunited with her parents.


Funnies with a point

I got really annoyed today when someone told me I was delusional.
I was so upset I nearly fell off my unicorn

What do you call a unicorn who got the Covid vaccine?
An immunicorn

A hunter went out on a hunting trip. He took his son’s smokes by mistake.
He had an excellent day. He shot 2 bucks, a boar, a black bear, and a unicorn.

How did the politician win the election? He promised to balance the budget, rein in the banks and put a unicorn in every backyard!


August 26th Birthdays

1994 – Keke Palmer, 1971 – Melissa McCarthy, 1912 – Mother Teresa

1980 – Macauly Culkin, 1992 – Dylan O’Brien, 1960 – Branford Marsalis, 1989 – James Hardin


Morning Motivator

I will find a way, or I will make a way.


See the happy ending

Rescue from the unicorn