Nice Catch sailor

Immie Teed and Josh Titmouth were getting married in Exmouth, England. The date, the hall, the minster were all set and the dress was bought and the invitations sent and confirmed. While hectic, Immie had everything under control until the day before the wedding… That was the day Emmie said that she and her husband-to-be Josh had just arrived at the wedding venue when the caterer called to cancel. “Josh, who knows him quite well, said, ‘If this is a joke, it’s not funny,’” Immie recalled about her new husband’s words to the caterer. The caterer said he’d been feeling sick for a few days beforehand but couldn’t get out of bed on the day of the wedding. The caterer for their 110-guest wedding came down with E. coli and couldn’t get out of bed — causing him to cancel on them within hours of their wedding.

With the clock ticking down to wedding time, Immie said she and the other wedding guests tried to figure out a quick solution to find food for their 110 guests.  “One of our bridesmaids offered to make a huge vat of curry,” Immie said, before mentioning that her mother thought about calling a local spot for help. “My mom had the idea to call “Krispies.” We love their food and we know they’re reliable,” Immie pleaded. So Immie and Josh called Krispies. The owner of the local shop, Kelly Barnes, drove to meet them at the wedding venue — just 10 minutes down the road — to see how she could help. Kelly said that “the bride was beside herself,” so she knew she had to make something work.

They ordered 110 boxes of fish and chips for the next day. Immie was in tears worrying if Krispies would come through.  The order included cod and chips, chicken nuggets for the children’s table and veggie burgers.Kelly spokeof the “military operation” her team deployed to rescue a couple’s wedding day after their caterers cancelled at the last minute. Kelly runs Krispies in Exmouth with her husband Tim said she received a call on Friday from the distraught bride. The team started preparing food within an hour of their meeting in a scramble to get the food ready for the next day. Kelly praised her “absolutely fantastic” team for getting the job done. She said “high-tech equipment” meant her husband was able to cook 30 fish at a time and the team got all the food ready and wrapped up in the space of 20 minutes. “Everyone had to be in the right stations and it was literally looking at your watch, time perfect and kind of going go, go, go.”  “Our team was amazing and some stayed on after their shift ended to help.” Kelly Barnes said the couple and wedding guests were “so lovely” about the food and she would not hesitate to do it again if asked.

Fishy fun

What’s the saddest type of fish and chips?
a battered sole.

I don’t take anything serious in the newspaper, except for fish and chips.
And even that I take with a pinch of salt.

An American after staying in London for a month asked a local, “Why do British eat like German planes are still flying overhead?”
The Briton responded, “Why do Americans eat like they have free healthcare?”

Why does the sun never set on the British empire?
Because God can’t trust the British in the dark.

June 17th Birthdays

1980 – Venus Williams, 1987 – Marie Avgerpoulos, 1982 – Jodie Whittaker, 1997 – Taveeta Szymanowitz

1994 – Amari Cooper,  1998 – K. J. Apa,  1946 – Barry Manilow,  1951- Joe Piscopo

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