November 10 Humor

* My father, a Marine colonel, was stationed in Guantánamo Bay. His Navy coworkers noticed during one particularly rainy week the rain seemed to stop whenever dad, in full uniform, stepped out of his car to enter a building. My father explained the phenomena to the perplexed naval officers by saying, “God wouldn’t let it rain on a Marine.” A few days later, dad exited his car in civilian clothes, and he got soaked to the bone. His Navy buddies, ready to tease him, waited for his explanation, “God didn’t recognize me out of uniform”.

@ A sailor had been marooned alone in the deserted island for a year and finally was rescued. When rescue party came ashore in a small boat they told the sailor to pack up and that they would take you back to civilization. Before leaving the island gave the rescue party a tour. “I built myself a house. That’s it there. Here’s the barn, and over here is the church I worshiped him”. the crew asked, “What’s that building over there”? Louie stammered, “that’s the church I used to belong to”.

# A jungle explorer came to a clearing with many grass huts in it and approached the head man. “You people are lost to civilization”. The chief said “We don’t mind being lost, it is being discovered that worries us.”