November 13 Humor

You may have heard about the company in France that had a sit down strike inside the building by the union. The owner, rather fight the workers, sent in food and cases of wine through the day for the workers to enjoy. At supper time he sent another great spread and more cases of wine. Once it got dark, he hired ten prostitutes to go into the factory and entertain the men. Then he brought in the wives of the workers to see what they were doing and that ended the strike.

A man took his wife to the livestock show and they looked at champion breeding bulls. The wife said, “Look here. It says that this bull mated over 150 times last year isn’t that something?” The man in reply said, “Yes, but it wasn’t all with the same cow.”

Two inhabitants of hell. taking a walk when a frigid breeze blew by. The storm dumped several inches of snow. The man looked around and amazment. “What’s going on?”   One asked. “Only thing I can figure,” replied his companion,  “is that the Indians just won the World Series.”