November 15 Humor

When I was a college junior, my roommate and I climbed Mount Whitney. It took three days to get to the top and back, and we returned home completely exhausted. Visiting my parents soon after the grueling hike, I walked into our living room, where they were conversing with the neighbor. I told them every detail of my treck: how high the mountain was, how steep the trail and how we fought fatigue and altitude sickness all the way. “I know how difficult it is,” our neighbor said, “I took my Brownie troop there last year.”

The first person to make a mountain out of a molehill was probably a real estate agent.

 A man came to the doctor’s office complaining of a general malaise. The doctor began to question him about his habits. “Do you smoke?”  ” No.”  “Do you drink a lot?”  “Nope. ”  “Do you keep late hours?”  “No sir.” The Doc rubbed his chin and asked, “How can I cure you if you have no vices to give up?”