November 18 Humor

* I had gathered my first grade class around me to teach them to tell time with an analog clock. I explained we will be learning about the minute hand and the hour hand. One of the boys interrupted saying, “I don’t need that kind of clock. My dad bought me this digital watch and right now it is 10 minutes to 38.”

@ A marine recruiter stopped in a little southern town and noticed that on several trees there were targets painted with bullet holes dead center. Being curious he looked around and sure enough there were similar bull’s-eyes on junk cars and old buildings. He decided this marksman might be a good candidate for the marines. He asked about the shooter and was directed to the town fool. Incredulously, he asked how did you learn to shoot so straight? The fool answered, “It is easy I just shoot first and then paint the targets afterward.”

@ Three economists went hunting and came across a large deer:  The first economist fired but missed by a meter to the left. The second fired but missed by a meter to the right. The third economist didn’t fire at all, but shouted in triumph, “We got it, we got it”.”