November 20 Humor

* The tax preparer asked the Irish woman, “When was your son born?” she said in December last year.   “That is great because you can claim him as deduction for the whole year that way.”    “Really?”    “Sure, that is why there are so many babies are born in December.”    “Oh”, she replied, “I thought it was because of St. Patrick’s day.”

* The census taker came to the mayor/genreal store owner asking, “How many folk live in this town?” The mayor said “4152, it has been that way for over 20 years”.   “You mean to tell me that 20 years ago you had 4152 people here too?” “Yup.”   “Come on, are you telling me that no people have moved and no babies have been born?”   “Well, Trouble is, every time a baby is born, somebody moves out.”

@ The hospital where my dad worked was having their annual charity ball. My mother went looking for a dress and tried on several without satisfaction. She declared she had nothing to wear. Dad said, “Just wear the same dress as last year, who is going to remember.” Mom  relented and wore the dress. As they went into the hotel ballroom they came upon a life sized poster of them arm in arm from last year’s dance wearing the same dress.