November 22 Humor

* A hockey coach was told that his star center had been hit and suffered a concussion. The assistant told him that the player did not who he was. The coach responded, “Good, Tell him he is Wayne Gretzky.”

@ When I was a trained, yet inexperienced, radioman in the Coast Guard, we were sent to sea to ride out hurricane Hazel. As the cutter crashed through 30 foot waves, I held on the rail with one hand while grasping the radio receiver with the other. “Scholz” I heard our bosun’s mate shout over the roaring storm. “What are you doing with that radio?” “I’ve got it in case we have to call for help, sir”. I answered,  “Scholz we are the blankety-blank  help.”

# I was a score keeper for my son’s basketball team. At my office one day after one game, I ran into the husband of the woman who scored for the other team. “Roy, it it’s been a while”, he said “What have you been up to lately”?   “Well”, I replied without thinking, “I scored with your wife last night.”