November 24 Humor

* The judge asked the bailiff, “What crime has this man committed?” The bailiff said, “He was a witness when the perp robbed a store and killed the owner. We’re holding him as a material witness” The judge asked, “And where is the killer?”  the Bailiff explained, “He is out on bail.”

@ When my parents were crossing into Canada they had to stop at a customs inspection station. The customs officer asked why they were going into Canada. They replied they were going to attend their son’s wedding. The guard asked if they were carrying any firearms.  Dad replied, “it is not that kind of wedding.”

# My wife came in one day to tell me: “There’s trouble with the car, It has water in the starter.” “It can’t have water in the starter”, I said. She insisted, “I swear to you there is water in the starter.” “How can you say that, you don’t even know what the starter is.”   “Where is that stupid car?”. She cautiously responded, “In the pool.”