November 26 Humor

@ A relative had our family tree traced back to its medieval roots in England. On a trip to Britain, my wife and I visited the Goodrich Castle, which bears our name. Near the castle’s entrance was a little shed were a woman was taking tickets. I jokingly told her that my name was Goodrich and that I had come from the United States to claim the castle. “Oh, good,” she explained, “We have been waiting for you to pay the last nine hundred years in back taxes.”   @ Have you ever noticed that in the old monster movies that no matter how slow the mummy walks it still always catches the girl?

# Smarty: “I once had a beard like yours, and when I saw how terrible it looked I immediately cut it off.”   Smarter: “I used to have a face like yours, too. And when I saw how terrible it made me look, I immediately grew a beard.”