November 27 Humor

* It must be a thrill for the astronauts to be up there in outer space: there’s nothing but you and taxes the national debt and knowing that everything that’s supporting you was supplied by the lowest bidder.

* In his attempt to put a new patient at ease during a checkup my friend a gynecologist, struck up a casual conversation. After noticing the label On her sandals that said, “hecho in México”, he asked “So when were you in Mexico?” flummoxed, the patient asked, “You can tell all that from a pelvic exam?”

@ It was a cold and icy morning and the streets were pretty slick. I was driving a city bus and when I went around the corner from one main street to a side street the bus started sliding. It went across the street over the curb, over the lawn and landed a couple of feet from the front porch of a house. Once I got composed, I opened the door and stepped out of the bus. A man looked out of the house’s front door with a cup of coffee in his hand and called to his wife. “Honey, did you call for a bus?”