November 29 Humor

* The zoo keeper got an indignant complaint that the monkeys were playing poker and the zoo should correct that immoral example immediately. The zoo keeper responded, “It’s all right, they are only playing for peanuts.”

* “Look at that one the one staring straight at us through the bars, doesn’t he look intelligent.”  “Yes, there’s something uncanny about it, he looks like he understands every word were saying. walks on his hind legs too and swings his arms.”  “There now he’s got a peanut, see what he does with it.  What do you know about that, he knows enough to take the shell off before he eats it like we do.”  “And the female alongside of him, listen to her chatter at him he doesn’t seem to be paying much attention to her though.” “She must be his mate.” “They look kind of sad don’t they?” “Yes, I guess they wish they were in here with us monkeys.”

@ In Antarctica there came a question from a young Polar bear to his dad, “I am 100% Polar Bear?” “Of course son, you are all Polar bear. I am 100% Polar bear and my parents were 100% and you mother is pure bred and her parents were purebred Polar Bear as well. Why do you ask?” The baby bear said, “Because I am cold.”