November 3 Humor

* A resident of San Francisco spent a semi-sleepless night last Summer interrupted several times listening to what he calls the ridiculously self-important sound of a car alarm. Next morning, as he tottered. bleary-eyed to work, was gratified to find this note scrawled in the windshield of the offending BMW, “Thieves please break into his car. Disconnect the car alarm you can have the stereo as a thank you gift from the neighborhood.”

@ There was an older minority state employee driving a dump truck down a New Jersey road at a high rate of speed. The state trooper clocked the truck and pulled him over. The trooper got his license and asked, “Do your know you were going over 60 miles per hour in this truck?”  “No seh, I didn’t know that.”   “Haven’t you got a governor on that truck?”  “No seh, the governor is in Trenton, that is fertilizer that you smell.”

@ Our illustrious governor was visiting an insane asylum, He tried to make a call out and was not getting connected. Finally, with much button pushing and huffing and puffing he got the operator. The governor yelled, “I need to get a line out of here now.” The operator said she could not do that. The governor started yelling, “Do you know who I am?” The operator replied, “No, but I know where you are calling from.”