November 8 Humor

A busy working mom used her lunch break for as many things as she could get away with. One day she raced from the office to get a chest X-ray and then to the cleaners and then the supermarket and back to work. All her coworkers eyed her strangely on her return and it was getting on her nerves. Finally one of the girls had the conviction of her curiosity and asked what the Mom did at lunch. The Mom queried, “Why do you want to know?” “Well, since you are back you blouse is on inside out.”

Patient: “I’m dead”.   Psychiatrist: “That is impossible. You areTalking to me right now”.    Patient: “I’m dead”     Psychiatrist: “I stand in front of that in here and say, dead men don’t bleed, for the next three hours”.   At the end of that time the psychiatrist at the man’s finger with a needle and it began to bleed.   Psychiatrist:  “Now, what does that prove”?      Patient: “Dead men do bleed.”

 Into the bar comes a grasshopper. The bartender says, “Hey we got a drink named after you.”  “The grasshopper says, “Is that right? Why would anyone name a drink Bob?”