November 8 Humor

* One of my coworkers went for his annual medical exam and they gave him all the X-rays and probing and blood tests. The doc came out and said,  “I have good news and bad news. Which do you want first?”  ” How about the good news?”  “My son has been accepted to the Case medical school.”   “and the bad news?”   “You are going to pay for it.”

@ Patient: “I’m dead”.   Psychiatrist: “That is impossible. You are talking to me right now”.    Patient: “I’m dead”     Psychiatrist: “I want you to stand in front of that mirror and say, “Dead men don’t bleed”, for the next hour”.   At the end of that time the psychiatrist poked the man’s finger with a needle and it began to bleed.   Psychiatrist:  “Now what does that prove”?      Patient: “Dead men do bleed”.

# Into the bar comes a grasshopper. The bartender says, “”Hey we got a drink named after you”. “The grasshopper says, “Is that right? Why would anyone name a drink Bob?”