October 10 Humor

* After our son Greg was accepted at the US Naval Academy we went to a meeting with the parents of the third-year midshipman spoke about the difficult first year. When the new plebes left the room, the veteran parents told us to be prepared for a middle of the night phone call from our son or daughter wanting to come home. Greg was at the academy for a month and the phone rang late one evening. My husband answered and handed the receiver to me, saying Greg would like to speak with you. I silently prayed I would find encouraging words. “Mom”, Greg said,”What do you use to keep the shower walls clean and shiny?”

@ What is the difference between a chess player and government worker? A chess player makes a move every now and then.

@ When my sister was in high school, she went out with the captain of the chess team very by parents loved him because they figured any guy who took three hours to make a move was safe.