October 1 Humor

@ When we were talking about my upcoming trip to Disneyland, one of my coworkers said she would love to live there. “Just imagine living in a castle and being awakened every morning by the kiss of a handsome prince.” I smiled and shrugged saying, “this happens to my wife every morning.” “Every morning,” she questioned “and you allow it?”

* One day as I was getting dressed my dog grabbed my shirt off the bed and ran off with it, I chased the dog down the hall and down the stairs, but when I hit the throw rug I slipped and slid through the closed screen door and ended up sitting on the porch step in my underwear. Just as I was landing the mailman was walking up to deliver. He looked at me for a second and said, “I don’t know what kind of mail you were expecting, but it must be really important.”

* For two years I managed a group of musicians who proudly labeled themselves “The loudest rock-and-roll band in LA.” One night, during a particularly rowdy and raucous rehearsal, they took a break. Rubbing one ear the lead singer asked, “Hey, are you guys losing your hearing?” The bass player shrugged and pointed to his forehead in reply and said, “Maybe just a little on top.”