October 15 Humor

* A man who will sit all day on a stinky pier waiting for the fish to bite will come home and get upset if his wife is 10 minutes late with dinner.

* A trout angler dies and finds himself near beautiful stream where a guide hands him a rod and suggests casting to fish off the far bank. Never before able to cast that far the angler is amazed when he lands a 4 pound trout. Soon he catches several more four pounders in the same spot. Excitedly, he suggests exploring the river. “The rules of this river require that you cast every rising trout,” explains the guide. A dozen fish later, the angler remarks, “this no longer seems like heaven to me.”   ” I never said it was,” replies the angel guide.

* After my friend James moved to Florida from Massachusetts, he immediately took advantage of the good fishing in the area. After assembling the gear that he’d use for freshwater fishing up north, he settled in a popular spot on the intercoastal waterway, attached his favorite lure to his line and cast it out. Within a minute he caught a beautiful 8 pound fish. The local fishermen gazing in admiration as James brought the big catch ashore and offered it to one of the spectators. Accepting with gratitude, the old man asked, “What kind of bait did you use  to land this beauty?” “My favorite silver spinner,” James responded proudly.  “No,” the old-timer exclaimed. “You can’t catch anything on that. You’ve got to use live shrimp.”