October 16 Humor

@ Edison spent years trying to invent an electrical light bulb. After thousands of failed attempts he ran into the house from his laboratory and up the stars shouting, carrying his invention. He ran into the bedroom of his sleeping wife and exclaimed, “I’ve done it, I’ve done it.” She rolled over, looked at him and said, “Will you please turn that light off and come to bed.”

* As newlyweds, my husband and I rented a townhouse in a large complex. Concerned about a leak in the upstairs bathroom I called the manager several times but to no avail. Finally, my husband reached him and explaining the seriousness of the problem said, “My wife is afraid the bathtub will fall through to the kitchen.”  “Oh, no,” the manager quickly replied. “The bathtub falls into the living room.”

* As the new owner of an older home, my friend Jim tried to become an instant handyman. When his kitchen water line froze, he decided to correct the problem himself by drilling through the wall between the kitchen and living room to reroute the pipe. Jim called to ask me if I knew why there would be heavy insulation on an inside wall. The more he drilled, more insulation came through the hole.     I went to his house to inspect the site and found that what was coming to the hole was not insulation but upholstery stuffing. He drilled through the wall, right into the back of the living room couch.