October 21 Humor

Edison spent years trying to invent an electrical light bulb. After thousands of failed attempts he ran into the house from his laboratory and up the stairs shouting, carrying his invention. He ran into the bedroom of his sleeping wife and exclaimed, “I’ve done it, I’ve Done it.” She rolled over, looked at him and said, “Will you please turn that light off and come to bed.”

Teaching freshman English at college in New York I have very strict about grammar and punctuation. One day as we read the works of the modern poet, a young woman seemed puzzled. “How come he uses capital letters in the middle of the sentence and misspell’s some of the words? She asked. “That’s called poetic license”, I explained. “Oh,” she replied. “How can I apply for one”

“Who will your wife vote for”? “She will vote his I do”. “And whom will you vote for”? “Well, I haven’t talked it over with my wife yet”.