October 22 Humor

* As a worker at Walt Disney world in Florida one of my jobs was to empty the garbage cans in front of the castle several times a day. One afternoon as I dumped the barrel into my cart I heard a little girl ask her mother, “Who is that lady?”  The mother thought for a minute and answered “Why Honey, that must be Cinderella.”

* Watching a particularly romantic ending to a Disney animated video, my five-year-old sghed. “I hope I meet my prince someday”, she said wistfully  . “Of course you will, I reassured her. “You know, I met my prince the day I met your daddy”. puzzled she turned to me and said,  “Who was  he”?

@ The announcement came to the back of the plane: “This is the Pilot and I have good news and Bad news. The bad news is that we are lost. The good news is that we have a tail wind and are making great time.”