October 29 Humor

* How come, the banks that we trust with our money, don’t trust us with their pens?

* John Kennedy was campaigning in a small Midwestern town and after a short speech took some time to shake hands and sign autographs. A line formed and a little red haired boy came through the line looking familiar. The president asked him, “Say, Didn’t I sign this for you before?”  “Yes you did,” the boy said, “But I was hoping you could write a little plainer this time.”

# A proper lady went to the animal shelter and took home a cat to be her house pet. A day later, she called back and said they would have to return the cat because it was a bird killer and she could not bear to see another animal harmed. She offered to have her husband make a contribution to the society for their trouble taking the cat back. She explained that they would have to wait a few days though, “Because my husband is up north deer hunting.”