October 30 Humor

 When a tornado hit our shopping mall, my friend Greg and I were worried about his parents, who owned a store in the complex. We hopped into my banged up, rusty Pinto and made our way out there. It looked like a war zone. Cars were torn apart and the news crews and the firemen were running all over. After checking on Greg’s parents we left the chaotic scene. That night on a TV newscast about the tornado, the female announcer said, “and here’s a sample of some of the damage done to the vehicles in the parking lot.” The camera moved in for a close-up of my Pinto.

  Two senior men were sitting in the doctor’s waiting room. One man turned to the other as they stared at the overhead TV screen and said, “I used to watch Golf all the time on TV, but the doctor said I needed more exercise, so now I watch tennis.”

#  The reason New Yorkers are depressed, because the light at the end of the tunnel is New Jersey.