October 31 Humor

* A collector of rare books ran into an old friend who confessed that he had just thrown away a very old tattered bible that had been handed down in his family for generations. He had just mentioned that the book was in German and had the name “Guten” on it. “Not Gutenberg” the book dealer gasped. “Yes, that was the name on the binding I am pretty sure.”   You idiot, you have thrown away one of the first books ever printed. A copy like that sold for $400,000.”  “Oh don’t get upset, this one was not worth a dime. Some guy name Luther had scribbled all over it.”

@ “He is great on the court”, a sports writer said of the college basketball player in an interview with his coach. “But how is his scholastic work?” “Why, he makes straight A’s”, replied the coach. “Wonderful”, said the sportswriter. “Yes”, agreed the coach, but his B’s are a little bit crooked”.

# We were in an airplane site seeing over the Grand Canyon and parts of Arizona. The captain told us to look out the left side of the plane and we could see the crater that had been made by a giant meteor impact thousands of years ago. The lady in the seat ahead of us commented, “Boy, if that thing had hit a little further to the right it would hit the highway”.