October 4 Humor

* The Police Station had been quiet for most of the week. Things were so slow that detectives were playing cards to pass the time.  “What a life,” grumbled one of the officers, “no fights, no thefts,  no drunks, no murders, nothing.”   “Now rest easy Mike,” said the captain, “things will break soon. You got have more faith in human nature.”

@ A piano manufacturer tried to get a testimonial from the philosopher Will Rogers for his piano. Rogers, who never endorsed any product unless he really believed in it, wrote this letter to the piano firm: “Dear Sirs: I guess your pianos are the best I ever leaned against. Yours truly, Will Rogers.”

* A woman went to the police station to report her husband as a missing person. She described him as 29 years old, tall, dark and handsome. The officer taking the report said, “I know your husband he is 48, short and dumpy.” The woman responded “Yes, he is, but who would want him back.”