October 7 Humor

* The minister was playing golf with one of the parishioners and thought it might be time to slip in some moral guidance. “I have noticed that the best golfers don’t swear when the are the course.” His partner swept a load of topsoil into the air and said, “What the hell do they have to swear about.”

* Isn’t it funny that men will blame fate for every mistake, but take personal credit for a hole in one.

@ We had our old uncle from back in the hills come to visit us for a few days. While he stayed we suggested going to the movie. We lined up to get our tickets and when he heard the price of the ticket he said, “Sonny, the last time I went into a movie show I paid a nickel for the ticket.” The young man said, “That must have been a long time ago. You will like these movies better we have sound now.”