October 8 Humor

* Two elderly ladies were traveling and staying over night in a back woods Canadian hotel. Being very safety conscious, one lady went looking for the fire escape in case there would be an emergency. The first door she tried was not the fire escape but rather the community bath and there was an older man in the shower. The retired school teacher apologized for the interruption and explained, “I was looking for the fire escape.” She closed the door, but did not get far before the gentleman came running after her clad only in a towel yelling, “Where is the fire?”

@ Our heroes used to be Teddy Roosevelt and Babe Ruth. Today it’s different we worship political blowhards overpaid sports figures.

One Orlando, Florida, man’s counterfeiting scheme was really bogus because he decided to print several million Polish Zlotys, the total worth of not more than $300. What put their black market operation in the red was the fact the printing equipment  he purchased to counterfeit zlotys cost him $19,000.