Right Place, Right time

18-year-old “Hans” was late again and really frazzled. He raced to catch the bus at his regular stop right in front of the hospital. He was a few seconds too late he knew from the roar of the engine the bus had just started up. As he tried to stop his sprint, he slipped and fell. Even more worser, he slid. Hans slid under the bus and even though the folks on the bus watching were yelling at the driver the initial momentum rolled the back tires over part of Hans body. That really looked horrible to the passengers on the bus and to the folks on the sidewalk that saw the tragedy unfold. Fortunately for Hans this group did not pull out their cell phones to record the bloodshed, but a few stalwart men and women began yelling for help and organize the crowd to help. Hans was trapped and not really even aware of what was going on around him.

The bus driver jumped out of the bus and with the rallied witnesses, 40 people each grabbed part of the bus and lifted while a couple of folks pulled Hans away from the big tire and then out from under the bus. But wait there is more…All the yelling distracted a nurse in the hospital behind the bus stop and she yelled at the doc’s in her department to grab their bags and get down on the street. “We were at work when we heard screams, and our boss looked out of the window and saw what had happened, and said ‘Take the doctor’s case and run,” Michelle Rueckborn, one of the responding nurses, said. In a matter of minutes two doc’s were checking Hans over and getting his vitals as they waited for a gurney from the ER. The “Spandau” sidewalk rejoiced as Hans was rolled into the hospital moving and trying to talk.

“There was chaos,” Frank Kurze, one of the volunteer rescuers, told German news channel “n-tv.” “I saw the men trying to lift the bus, and it was clear to me that I also had to help lift the bus and try pull the young man from underneath.” Hans underwent surgery. N-tv reported he had been treated and released, but Berlin police said they did not have any further information on his condition. Berlin Police congratulated the collective rescue action and praised the people who pitched in as “heroes.” “Thank you, Spandau, thank you, Berlin,” the police department posted on social media. Grunwald, one of the assisting nurses, told n-tv that the shared concern of so many people gave her a good feeling. “I think it’s nice that one can still more or less have trust in society,” she said.

Humorous transportation

Two women were fighting for the last available seat on the bus. No amount of reasoning was helping the bus driver resolve the issue. In desperation he announced:
“The transit system’s policy is to allow the seat to go to the uglier person.”
Both women stood for the remainder of the trip.

What do you get if you cross a river with a school bus?

A friend of mine got a job as a bus driver because he was so good at telling people where to get off.

An optimist and a pessimist were riding a bus together when the optimist got hungry.
“Let’s stop at the next restaurant,” said the optimist. “Then we can take the next bus and continue our journey.”
“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” said the pessimist. “It could cause something bad to happen.”
“Or it could cause something good to happen,” replied the optimist, “and besides, I’m hungry!”
So the two of them left the bus and went into the restaurant.
While they were eating, a news report came on the TV.
“A bus was crushed in an avalanche fifteen minutes ago,” said the reporter. “Everyone on the bus was killed.” The optimist and the pessimist recognized the bus as the one they had gotten off.
“See?” said the optimist. “I told you something good would happen if we got off the bus!”
“Good?” sputtered the pessimist. “If the bus hadn’t stopped to let us off, it might have missed the avalanche!”

August 22nd Birthdays

1996 – Lulu Antariksa, 1960 – Debbi Peterson, 1947 – Cindy Williams, 1974 – Kristen Wiig

1993 – Keith Powers, 1968 -Ty Burrell, 1939 – Norman Schwartzkopf, 1958 – Andrea Bocelli

Morning Motivator:

If you want something you have never had,
you are going to have to do something you have never done.

Thanks Berlin