September 1 Humor

* People have all kinds of reasons why it is other people’s fault their pictures do no turn out. A clerk handed a man 24 pictures of his left ear and after being paid, waited for the man to open the envelope and look at the pictures.

He looked disgustedly from one picture to the next and finally concluded out loud, “That darn wife of mine, she loaded the film backwards.”

@ The emergency room was full and one of the X-ray machines broke which meant the line was twice as long for the remaining one. As is walked past a man with a broken leg, lying on a gurney waiting for the X-ray, HE asked when he would get treated and I just gave him a mumbled “We are doing the best we can” and kept on walking. Later, I was the one to push him into the X-ray room and he asked, “Do you develop the pictures here or are you sending them out.”