September 11 Humor

* My husband  is an arm chair athlete. When the commercial comes on he vaults over the coffee table. Faster than a speeding bullet he reloads his drink and snacks and then with a voice more powerful than a locomotive he demands access to the bathroom. All this so he can retake his throne before the game comes back on again. He call this his couch potato triathlon.

@ It was a cold and icy morning and the streets were pretty slick. I was driving a city bus and when I went around the corner from one main street to a side street the bus started sliding. It went across the street over the curb, over the lawn and landed a couple of feet from the front porch of a house. Once I got composed, I opened the door and stepped out of the bus. A man looked out of the house’s front door with a cup of coffee in his hand and called to his wife. “Honey, did you call for a bus?”