September 18 Humor

@ Visiting the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington DC my sister and I were admiring a beautiful tribal headdress decorated with eagle feathers. A man came up to us and identified himself as a Native American. “Do you know how those warriors got those feathers?” the man asked pointing to the headdress. “They covered a hole with brush and tied a live rabbit on top of it and then hid underneath. When eagle swooped down for the kill, they would grab its wing or its tail,” “Fascinating,” I said. “You learned that from your tribal elders?” “Actually, no,” the man confessed. “I saw it on the Discovery Channel.”

* The ground crew of my Naval air squadron were working feverishly to repair my airplane to get it ready for a scheduled flight. Once they were done, they stood by while I went through the preflight inspection. As I reached behind a toolbox my finger caught on a sharp wire and started to bleed. I hung my body out of the cockpit and yelled down to them get me a first aid kit. I noticed two of the crew on the tarmac beneath my plane studying a red pool under the aircraft.  I yelled to them “that is my blood that has dripped on the ground”. Their faces immediately brightened and one guy said, “what a relief ” “We were afraid that was hydraulic fluid.”

@ When I was a kid we would always play cowboys and Indians, and I was always in Indian. Today I have my own casino.