September 24 Humor

* The airline captain stood by the door as the passengers exited after suffering through a pretty bumpy landing. The man next to me was a college professor and as he went by the pilot and commented, “In my profession, I would give that landing a grade of C.” The pilot responded, “Professor, in my line of work landings are not a graded course, they are pass/fail.”

@ One man complained to his fellow, “You know that the bakery gave me a phony $20 bill this morning. You cannot trust anybody these days.”  His buddy asked, “Let me see it?”   “I can’t. I passed it at the gas station later this morning.”

@ Two counterfeiters with the talented but stupid engraver found themselves with a large quantity of almost perfect bills on their hands. The trouble was they were all $18 bills. The crooks decided to go far back into the hill country to dispose of the bills because “Nobody out there sees much money.” Deep in the mountains they flashed one the phony bills at the crossroads store keeper and talked him into changing it. “How do you want that?” the storekeeper asked, “How about two 7’s and a $4 would that be all right?”