Sharks love my boat:

Josh Jorgensen, host of the popular BlacktipH Fishing YouTube channel, posted aerial footage to social media of what ended up being eight attacks that left a 30 foot boat’s engine with serious damage. Fishing boat captain Carl Torresson of Slob City Charters out of Riviera Beach was out looking for a catch when Josh called Carl with a heads up.  “I was flying my drone at the beach and spotted two huge cobia swimming with a bull shark in the crystal clear water,” he said. “Cobia is one of the best-tasting fish in the ocean. So I called my buddy Carl, and he raced over to try to catch them.” In Jorgensen’s video below two large cobia fish can be seen swimming above a circling bull shark. Josh reported.  “I was following his boat with my drone and then all of a sudden the shark attacked his engines,” Josh said in the video. Jaws open, the shark can be seen in the video below aggressively ramming the back of the boat again and again, directly between the outboard motors, thrashing and biting. The entire boat rocked with the impacts. “The shark attacked the boat four times, swam away and then came back for more.” “I didn’t think a shark could actually shake a boat like that.” “The boat was shaking like a bag of popcorn. Like literally, I was shaking like an earthquake. I was like, what’s going on? I went back there and I noticed it was a shark doing it. I’m like, are you kidding me? This is like a ride from Universal Studios.”

After the boat arrived back at the dock, Carl inspected the damage to find the engine seriously damaged. “We’re thinking, you know, maybe he grabbed the propeller,” he said. “We weren’t expecting the damage that we had when we got back to the dock, and it was just astronomical. The whole middle of the engine’s completely ripped out. The trim tab’s broken.” “The engine was salvageable,” Jorgensen wrote. “Carl had to buy new parts for it.” Only three sharks regularly attack humans: the great white, the tiger shark, and the bull shark.  Bull sharks, a mid-size predatory shark that can grow to 7-11 feet and between 200 and 500 pounds, get their name from their short, blunt snouts and their habit of head-butting their prey before attacking.

“To this day,” Josh said in an email. “I cannot give you an exact reason why the shark attacked the engines. Based on previous experiences of my own, sometimes these sharks just turn on an ‘attack switch’ and go nuts! “I’ve had sharks do the same to my boat and rip apart the engines. The really scary thought is that if someone was swimming in the water or spearfishing, this shark would have 100% killed them. Since sharks have sensors that can perceive electrical fields, shark researchers theorize that, this particular shark’s system said the boat might be a good meal. The friction of the engines pushing the boat through the water may have created a static electrical field that a funky shark may have thought would be worth a bite or several.

Shark bites

They say cows kill more people than sharks.
I’m surprised cows kill any sharks at all.

It’s my ambition to see a great white shark before I die.
Just not RIGHT before I die.

I don’t understand how people can get eaten by sharks.
Don’t they hear that music?

Arguing with strangers online is like wrestling sharks.
Even if you win, it was a really stupid thing to do.

December 27th Birthdays

1994 – Olivia Cook, 1992 – Chloe Bridges,  1982 – Emilie DeRaven, 1988 – Hayley Williams

1962 – Salman Khan,  1980 – Carson Palmer, 1822 – Louis Pasteur, 1996 – Nick Chubb

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