Soccer Animal

On September 28, during a during a Mexican second division match between Mexican teams Alebrijes Oaxaca and Dorados play was interrupted by an unusual interloper. An Oaxaca player took a shot from close to the sideline, and as he did, there was suddenly a flash of brown fur from the side of the net. Luckily for Sinaloa’s goalkeeper, he was able to corral that shot without any trouble. No small feat considering it’s hard to practice stopping shots while a stray dog comes flying on to the pitch. After the goalkeeper tossed the ball aside, this pitch-going pup started playing around with it. Meanwhile, some staff member rushed to get the second round playoff game back under control. When the ball bounced “Good Boy” came running and stole the ball from the players. The video below shows the hilarious action. There 22 players on the field and several officials and “Good Boy” was able to evade all of them for seemingly forever.

In the short clip, the dog is seen rushing on the pitch with the ball in his mouth. The security personnel can be seen trying their best, however, they are unable to catch the playful dog. Eventually one of the players succeeds in grabbing hold of the dog, much to the audience’s delight, who enjoyed the unplanned interruption. In a wholesome result, the winning team of the play of the match, Alebrijes Oaxaca, adopted the furry animal.  “Our new best friend is fine and with us in Templo Alebrije after having debuted with the team. The team said, per ESPN. “Our new reinforcement player went to undergo his medical tests to be officially loaned in the coming days.”

What does a star soccer dog need after a romp on the pitch? The players have their showers and hot tubs, what respite does the soccer dog get??? Hundreds of dogs have enjoyed taking a dip in an outdoor swimming pool as part of an annual event. Sandford Parks Lido on Keynsham Road in Cheltenham, England. The park hosts the dog swim at the end of its traditional season and it attracts pets and their owners from all over the country. The venue allows the animals to enjoy the swim every year before the pool is drained for the winter period. Pooches showed their owners how to doggy-paddle as they enjoyed a dip in an Olympic-size swimming pool. The annual dog swim was attended by an estimated 1,800 dogs and their owners over the weekend. This year’s event was the eighth consecutive dog swim and attracted breeds across the board, from Beagles to Bulldogs. “We were at the party last year and it was great. Rummey loves swimming and he spent the whole hour in the water, playing with other dogs in the pool. “I think it’s a really good idea – more places should do it. It’s great socialization for the dogs and it’s great exercise as well. “There were about 100 dogs in there with Rummey of pretty much every dog breed around.”

Doggone funny stuff

A policeman came up to me with a sniffer dog and said, “This dog tells me you’re on drugs…
“I’m on drugs? You’re the one talking to dogs.”

A dog runs up to their master carrying an unusual stick.

Master: Hey boy, what do you got there?

Dog: “Bark”
Master: Bark? Well where did you get such an unusual piece of bark?
Dog: “Ruff”
Master: The roof? Well how did you get all the way up there?
Dog: “With the ladder.”

I named my dog “5 miles” so I could say, “Today I walked 5 miles.”

I spotted an albino Dalmatian the other day. It was the least I could do.

I told my shrink I identify as a dog.
He made me get off the couch.

October 12th Birthdays

1950 – Susan Anton, 1975 – Marion Jones,  1992 – Taylor Horn, 1977 Christie Kerr

1993 – Josh Hutcherson, 1968 – Hugh Jackman, 1970 – Kirk Cameron, 1935 -Pavarotti

Morning Motivator:

Worry is interest paid on a debt that may never come due.

Canine chaos