South African wife beats croc

37-year-old Anthony Joubert of Middelburg was on a fishing trip with his family and his boss Johan van der Colff. After a couple of minutes of casting, he stepped into an inch of water to untangle some line from a tree. Joubert, who was with his 12-year-old son, JP, at the time of the attack, said the crocodile “was lying in ambush.” “All of a sudden it exploded from the water and had its jaws round my leg and knocked me flat. There was water everywhere then the croc adjusted its grip and had my second leg in its mouth just below my belt and started thrashing its head to the left and right with such power.” Joubert, a father of three, told the outlet that he was deep enough in the crocodile’s mouth that he couldn’t see his legs. The 37-year-old told the outlet that he attempted to gouge the crocodile’s eyes as it dragged him deeper into the water, but said that it just shook him “like a rag doll.” The man claimed he felt no pain during the attack, during what he described as a “tug of war” with the animal. “I honestly thought my legs were just going to get ripped off,” Joubert said. “When you look at the wounds it is incredible that I didn’t lose one or both legs. I will never forget its teeth and how it looked at me.”

Anthony’s wife, Annalize, heard the wrestling, saw the croc and scrambled in the bush to find some kind of weapon. “I grabbed this branch with a tree stump on the end of it and rushed out into the water and I just started battering the croc over the head again and again and screaming at it till it let go,” Annalize recalled. After five or six huge bashes the crocodile’s jaws opened and it slid away,” Joubert told the outlet. ‘I was waiting for the death roll and for it to drown me but despite the size of this beast Johan and Annalize ran into the lake and took it on and saved me from being eaten. ‘Every time I shut my eyes or try to sleep I see the crocodile – it is still with me. To have half your body inside a living beast with its jaws around your waist with it moving you deeper. ‘I never knew my wife had the strength or the power to beat a creature that like off of me. Between her and Johan who was in the water dragging me back they saved my life.” Annalize said, “It opened its jaws and Johan pulled back and Anthony came out and I could see the blood and I just grabbed an arm and Johan had the other one and we pulled him out of the water.”

The 37-year-old’s wounds were severe, so Van der Colff’s and wife, Bianca, wrapped them with towels she had grabbed from the farmhouse they were staying at before he was taken to the hospital. “When I tried to clean his wounds, I found three crocodile teeth still in a stomach puncture.” Anthony’s family visited the public hospital the next day and decided to transfer him to an expensive private hospital after they discovered his wounds had not even been cleaned. Anthony told the outlet that he suffered deep wounds on his stomach and legs, along with numerous single-tooth wounds, the family believed he would have died if he had stayed in that hospital. “Two very brave people save my life that day from the most horrific death I can imagine. I have a long fight to get back to health, but I was one meal the crocodile was not having,” Anthony told the Daily Mail.

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