Stanley cups still hot

Stanley cups were invented about 100 years ago. They were the first company to make an all stainless steel insulated cup, that would keep beverages cold or hot for hours. You may have read late last year that a Stanley cup survived a fire in a car that consumed the dashboard and the interior, but when the woman went back, her Stanley cup was undamaged and still had ice in it. One California woman had such a very high opinion of Stanley cups and she proved that by stealing about 65 of them and keeping them in her car. Roseville, CA police found she had stashed dozens of Stanley tumblers in the trunk and on the passenger side floor of her vehicle. They were called to a store after she had been stopped while pushing a shopping cart full of Stanley cups out of the store without paying. “The suspect refused to stop for staff and stuffed her car with the stolen merchandise,” the statement reads in part. An officer caught up with the suspect’s vehicle and made a traffic stop before detaining her, police said. They discovered a total of 65 Stanley products, which amounted to $2,500. Police photo showed Stanley tumblers, mugs and bottles placed across the front hood of a police car. 

“While Stanley Quenchers are all the rage, we strongly advise against turning to crime to fulfill your hydration habits,” police said in the statement. The Stanley cup rage has also resulted in chaos of different types. Earlier this month, Starbucks and Stanley, the tumbler brand with an intense following, released a limited-edition, pink Quencher. The cup is only available at Starbucks stores and Target locations in the US causing fans to line up outside the store and dodge massive crowds to get their hands on one. The 40 fl. oz stainless steel, vacuum-sealed tumbler retails for $49.95 — but is going for much higher on resale sites like eBay. There are dozens of listings for the tumbler nearing $200 with multiple bids and watchers on each.

One video of the initial drop shared on TikTok by a customer in El Paso, Texas, showed a crowd of men and women running towards the tumbler at the store’s center. The social media user added the caption, “Getting trampled for a Target Stanley Valentine’s Cup.” The comment section contained mixed reactions, with one individual writing, “I love Stanley, but I will not do this for a cup.” Another person commented, “All for a Stanley?” On the same day, the Starbucks expanded the “Bring Your Own Cup” rules. Customers can now use their own personal cup (like a Stanley) at the drive-thru and for mobile orders. Previously, you could only do so in-store. After the chaos at Target stores Starbucks told PEOPLE they are seeing the “enthusiastic response” but will not be restocking the product.

For a cup of coffee

At the Mexican border authorities have uncovered a massive, underground, drug smuggling tunnel snaking through the US-Mexico border. Law enforcement officers marveled at its sophistication. The elaborate tunnel had framed sidewalls, electricity, and its own Starbucks.

 The businessman was rather put off when a bum approached him with a request for five dollars to buy a cup of coffee. “You can buy a cup of coffee for two bucks,” he responded tartly. “You are right, conceded the bomb cheerfully. “But I like to leave a big tip.”

A man loved to have a big cup of coffee on his way to work in the morning so he went out of his way to buy packages of the extra large Styrofoam cups  and lids for his daily commute. One morning he could don’t find any of them and asked his wife what had become of them. She explained she had heard that decomposing Styrofoam in landfills was going to ruin the ozone layer and she felt she had to do something to stop it. So she threw the cups in the garbage. 

For its 45th anniversary Starbucks has a new drink coming out. It’s sugar-free, fat-free and has no whipped cream. It is called coffee. 

January 24th Birthdays

1969 – Mary Lou Retton, 1979 – Kristen Schaal, 1980 – Tatyana Ali, 1987 – Mischa Barton

1949 – John Belushi, 1951 – Yakov Smirnoff, 1939 – Ray Stevens, 1942 – Neil Diamond

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