Surprise, Surprise!

Surprise, Surprise!

Crawford Lewis of Venice, Florida awoke to find an alert on the app connected to his “Ring” doorbell camera informing him of movement outside of his front door in the early morning hours. Lewis reviewed the video and watched as a large alligator wandered onto his front porch and climbed in an effort to reach a metal plaque bearing the image of sea turtles. The alligator climbed up a patio bench, but could not reach the metal sculpture on the house’s outside wall. It did knock over a potted plant in the process. “I’m glad I did not get up at 5:30 a.m. and open my front door,” said Lewis. He may be rethinking the morning news paper as well.


Lizard Laughter

A man walks into a bar with his pet alligator
He asks, “Do you serve politicians here?”_
The bartender says, _”Yes, of course we do!”
The man says, “OK, I’ll have a beer for myself and a politician for my alligator.”

What do you call an alligator that is constantly starting fights with his friends?
An instigator.

My uncle died from a turtle stampede
It was a slow death

My husband invited his law partner for dinner with our family. We were all seated around the table and my husband remarked, “Anne, what a fantastic new dish!” At this, our seven-year-old piped up, “That’s not a new dish. That’s the dish I had my turtle in.”