With six you get egg roll

With six you get egg roll

The Headricks are celebrating a big event – High school graduation. Now all seven of their children are graduated from high school. Sondra and Elden Headrick wanted to expand their family beyond their first daughter Aubriana. They visited a fertility doctor who later confirmed success that Sondra was pregnant with six babies. Sondra and Elden Headrick’s sextuplets made headlines in 2002 as the first healthy set of six babies to be born in Kansas. The sextuplets, Ethan, Grant, Sean, Danielle, Melissa and Jaycie all have different opinions about what they will do with their lives. Each of the six will be moving on and doing different things. “And you know, we’re just so incredibly proud of them and just looking forward to celebrating their special moments in life with them.” Mom Sondra says.

Poly Populous Humor

A friend just told me that my daughter and my wife look like twins.
I said, “Well, they were separated at birth!”

Did you hear about the redneck whose wife had triplets?
He got out his gun and went looking for the other 2 guys.

What did the drummer name his triplet daughters?
Anna one, Anna two, Anna three

A blonde had just given birth to triplets. Her friend had told her to call her as soon as the babies were born. So the new mother called her pal immediately and asked her to come right over. As soon as the friend saw the babies she shrieked, “They’re adorable!” “Hmmm,” the blonde said, “I know, it’s really hard to pick which one I should keep.”