You Beluga to me

Paul English, a Scottish journalist in Manitoba, Canada had a truly unique experience. He’s likely to remember this incredible encounter for the rest of his life, as will the 7 million odd viewers of the video below. He set out and paddled through Churchill River on his kayak when he decided to start singing. Beluga whales are polar animals. However, they migrate south toward Canada when the seas up north freeze over. Paul had heard that high pitched noises may attract beluga whales, so he cleared his pipes and to see if he could generate any whale attention. Very soon he made some rather musical friends. Without so much as dipping a foot in the water, several beluga whales begin appearing near the surface of the water. Playfully, they nudge his boat and introduce themselves, while he continues to sing to them. Many people would pay a lot of money for an experience as personal as this! Unlike many commercial whale-watching or dolphin swimming experiences where the aim is to find the marine wildlife and approach it, these whales themselves have initiated the interaction. All our buddy had to do was sing a few notes and they came right up to him.

Paul is not a stranger to the water or to undersea life, so he donned his wetsuit to get closer to his singalong. Having gotten them to greet him on the surface, Paul reckons it’s time to meet them in their own territory. Equipped with a mask and snorkel, he prepares to enter their domain. The question is, will they still be as friendly? Yep. Now in the water, Paul is able to sing to them…And they can sing back! In the water you can hear that in fact, the beluga whales are singing back to Paul with their own songs. As you can see, they are certainly not social distancing! These whales are next-level friendly. There are several beluga whales all circling Paul as they investigate him. To them he is clearly strange and interesting, some sort of bizarre yet friendly creature. They share their song. Given that their song is different to Paul’s they generously click and whistle at him. Beluga’s are often referred to as the “canaries of the sea” due to their bird-like chirps. When you hear them, you can’t help but agree! Paul English will forever know what it’s like to make some genuine finned friends. With his personal and intimate encounter, it seems like rather than seeking out the whales, they sought him out instead. To them, a strange new friend came into their backyard, and they were curious enough to befriend him. Not many people can say that.

Music soothes the…

What do you call a pod of singing killer whales?
An orcapella group.

A singing teacher told her eager student, “You should have taken up singing earlier.”
The student asks “Why? Do you think the extra practice would make me a star?”
“No,” replies the teacher, “but you would have given up by now.”

I’m singing at a wedding where a Jewish man is marrying a Catholic woman.
I’ll be performing the “Oy Vey Maria.”

My wife has a whale tattooed on her belly.
It used to be a dolphin.

March 23rd Birthdays

1992 – Vanessa Morgan, 1987 – Jessoca Marie Garcia, 1999 – Olivia Stuck, 1996 – Victoria Pedretti

1988 – Perez Hilton, 1975 – Randall Park, 1992 – Kyrie Irving, 1983 – Mo Farrah

Morning Motivator:

One must care about a world one will not see.

Whale of a singer: