You know its Spring the ice records are broken

Ger Purcell from Corbally in Limerick, Ireland set the record as the world’s oldest ice mile swimmer last week. A swimmer must swim non-stop for a mile in waters that are below 40 degrees. The only thing a swimmer can wear are swimming togs, a cap, and goggles. Ger completed his mile in 43 minutes and 28 seconds. “It was my first year doing it, and I was advised to train for another year. But I’m 66 now, and next year I’ll be 67 so the years aren’t with me and I said I’d go for it now.” You might think it was only the old guys that came out last week, but Czech free-diver David Vencl also made history on Tuesday when he broke the world record for swimming under ice. Vencl swam 265.5 feet under the ice of a glacial lake in Austria, holding his breath for 2 minutes and 42 seconds. Vencl said that he felt “great” after he emerged from the water, which was a quite cool 37 degrees. He added that the world record isn’t officially his yet, though. It looks like it is a world record but because he (a free-dive organization representative) couldn’t see me swimming under the ice, he will have to check the video footage.”


The cold hard jokes

My chemistry professor once asked the class if it was a good or bad thing that ice is less dense than water?
I said, “It wasn’t good for the Titanic.”

Dad: It was nice letting your sister ice skate first.
Son: I was just checking.
Dad: Checking what?
Son: If the ice is thick enough.

I once tried sniffing coke.
But the ice kept getting stuck in my nose.

It was so cold:
Starbucks was serving coffee on a stick!


March 1st Birthdays

1990 – Emeraude Toubia, 1954 – Catherine Bach, 1975 – Cara Buono

1944 – Ron Howard, 1994 – Justin Bieber, 1980 – Jensen Ackles


Morning Motivator

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.


Do you want ice with that?