Don’t go for the small change

Jeffrey A. Duffey of Brevard County FL, is not a lazy guy. He may be a thief, but he is ambitious and creative and does not threaten people with a gun. Deputies received a call about a burglary at the “Laundromat of Port St. John” along West Avenue on June 17, just after 5 a.m. The caller reportedly told deputies that a man — later identified as Jeffrey Duffey, 39 — had broken into coin machines located in the “employee only” offices. Deputies said they did find evidence of Duffey entering the laundromat and prying open the locked “employee only” door with a crowbar. This door led to a restricted crawl space, which was typically used for repairs of the laundromat’s appliances, the affidavit shows. “Once inside this restricted area, Duffey was able to gain access to (the) ceiling, traverse across the building’s rafters, and climb down into the locked ‘employee only’ office, which concealed the rear doors of the coin machines,” the affidavit reads. According to investigators, two of the coin machines had been pried open, and all of the money inside was taken. In addition, deputies said Duffey is suspected of burglarizing the same laundromat at least three times prior — once on May 31, then again on June 9, and a third time on June 12. Doesn’t this show initiative and perseverance?

Duffey became “joyful and braggadocios” deputies said. “Duffey went on to brag that should he have committed these crimes, he would have never been caught on surveillance camera,” the affidavit reads. “He further explained how he knows how to disable most surveillance systems, and would have tampered with the businesses’ cameras, as most run off of Wi-Fi.” Deputies also noted that the Wi-Fi router at the laundromat had been tampered with during the prior three burglaries. He then invited deputies to search his home, and they found a “large quantity” of $20 bills in his bedside drawer. In total, Duffey stole around $5,000 from the laundromat’s coin machines, severely damaging the equipment as he did so, deputies claim. He is held on bond of $77,500.

Buddy can you spare a dime:

Four Philadelphia men used bolt cutters to rob the unmarked tractor-trailer that had 75 million dimes, worth $750,000 on it, The driver was on the way to Miami, but parked the trailer in a Walmart parking lot so he could get some sleep. When the driver returned to the truck in the morning, he found a trail of dimes.

The four men were accused of stealing over two million dimes from a U.S. Mint tractor-trailer truck in April. It seems these guys were able to get about $234,500 worth of dimes loaded into their own truck and get away. The problem came when they realized they had as many as 2 million dimes. What do you do with 2 million dimes? That led to their downfall. They tried cashing them in at Coinstar machines within a 100 miles of Philadelphia. But the Coinstar machines keep track of what comes in and what they pay out and where and when. The gang  also made small bags of dimes and passed that at assorted banks in the area. Once the story got out and the police started asking questions the trail led pretty directly to the fab four.

All that coin may not be real money.

Funny Money

There is a coin shortage in America
We are officially out of Common Cents.

Why won’t Americans switch to a dollar coin?
They’re afraid of change.

So I was at the laundromat the other day.
I went to the change machine to get some quarters. It took my bill but nothing came back out.
And I thought, “that doesn’t make cents.”

Why is a laundromat a really bad place to pick up women?
Because a woman who can’t afford her own washing machine won’t be able to support you.

July 9th Birthdays

1996 – Georgie Henley, 1984 – Miriam Isa, 1997 – Meg Delacy, 1965 – Courtney Love

1954 – Kevin O’Leary  1978 – Jesse Watters, 1977 – Fred Savage, 1956 – Tom Hanks

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