April 13 Humor

 * How do you make an Elephant fly… First you start with a very large zipper.

 # Wending his way through the office cubicles my son Mike spotted one of his employees playing a video game on the computer. “Why aren’t you working?” Mike asked him. The employee had an excellent excuse: “I didn’t see you coming.”

* One day a large elephant saw a turtle near a pond. The elephant lumbered over and squashed the turtle under its large foot. A jackal saw the murder then went over to the elephant and said, “Why did you do that?” The elephant replied the same turtle bit off the tip of my trunk 17 years ago, when I went to get a drink out of that river.” They Jackal’s eyes widened, “The same one, are you sure?”   “Yep.”   “You have an incredible memory.” Raising its head proudly, the elephant said, “Turtle recall.”