April 17 Humor

 * What is your name  the store owner asked his job applicant. “Ford” came the lad’s reply. “What is your first name”?   ” Henry.”   “Henry Ford, eh? That is a pretty well known name around here.” The boy smiled and said, “It should be, I have been making deliveries around here for two years.”

 # Three young ladies went on a little vacation together. They all worked in the same office. They decided to go horseback riding together. Once they were on the trail one of the girls pulled up and said, “Do you realize this horse makes more per hour than I do?”

@ The head of our local air ambulance service, Vern, was manning the information booth at the county fair. An elderly woman approached him and said, “I live across the street from the community hospital.” Burton cringed because for years the only helicopter pad then was on the street in front of the hospital. He was sure she was going to complain about the headache that helicopter made going in and out. The lady said, “I’m so glad to finally get to meet you and thank you so very much for all the times you saved me from having to rake my lawn.”