April 19 Humor

 * A gas company meter reader had an apprentice with him one day and they were teasing each other about their age difference. After reading a meter in the basement of a house the senior guy challenged the young guy to a foot race to the next house. As soon as they broke the door they took of running at top speed. When they stopped around the corner they were surprised to find the lady from the last house running right behind them. They asked her what she was doing and she replied, “I don’t know, but when I saw the two men from the gas company run away from my house, I figured I had better get out of there too.’

 * I went to the sporting goods store to buy a jogging suit for my wife who was an avid jogger. Not knowing the size I explained she is five feet seven inches tall and weighs about 115 pounds. The clerk reposnded, “Maybe something in a size ten.” I said that sounded pretty big to me. She called out to a lady clerk across the store, “What would you call a gal that is 5′ 7 and 115 pounds?  “Lucky” came the reply.

 # A mother was picking up her child from day care and waited a few minutes with some other mothers. One proud mother proclaimed her son was able to sit by himself at four months, that he crawled at six months and walked before he was a year old. She said now at 16 months he was talking in full sentences. The mother turned to another friend who was listening and asked if her 16 month old son was talking yet. The mother replied, “Andy doesn’t say much, he mainly texts us what he wants.”